Why You Need to Capture Leads, Not Sales

If your goal is to generate passive income, then you might well be hoping to accomplish that by selling a product. This could be a product you’ve made, or it might be a product that you are promoting as an affiliate marketer. Either way, you’ll likely have set up a sales page, creating an ad campaign to send visitors there and then hopefully begun to rake in the profits!

The problem is that it can be tough trying to convince people who visit your page to buy. Your success in this endeavor comes down almost entirely to your conversions and the percentage of visitors that end up buying from you.

And to this end, many marketers will jump straight in with the hard sell. That means that they’ll heavily push all the positives of their product and try to get the visitor to click buy as soon as they get there.

This doesn’t tend to work. Although you probably want to make your sales process as simple and automated as possible, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t try to go straight in for the kill. Far more effective is to try to capture leads first instead. Here’s why.

Why Cold Sales Don’t Work

Just because you’re making money passively, that does not mean that you should be impatient about how you are collecting your sales.

If you try to convert your visitors as soon as they land on your page, then this is the equivalent of walking up to someone you like in a bar and asking them for their number, without saying hello or even introducing themselves first. Or it’s a little like walking up to someone in the street and offering to sell them a watch for $500. Would you be receptive to that sales technique?

Of course not! And the reason is that you know nothing about the person selling, you know nothing about the product and you have no reason to trust that what they’re offering is as good as they say it is.

If someone lands on your page and you try to sell to them right away, then they’ll think your site is essentially spam and they’ll be frustrated at the lack of value. Chances are they’ll leave.

How to Convert

So instead, talk to them about how they can get free information by signing up to your mailing list, or provide them with an article and then offer to share more through your Facebook.

Now you have the opportunity to build that relationship and to build trust and eventually, you’ll find that this puts you in a position where they are more likely to want to buy from you!

You might be wondering how this model is still passive. In fact, though, it still can be: there’s no reason you can’t use automated emails for example through an auto-responder. Or you can write a ton of blog posts and then schedule them to post over time.

You can still make your model passive. Just don’t go straight in for the kill!

List Building Techniques For 2017

Times changes, things change, the internet changes and a lot of of all, the best way to get new subscribers changes as well.

If you accept methods to body your email lists that are already working, again acutely you’ll wish to abide with those methods.

But you ability wish to aswell accede abacus one or added of the afterward account architecture techniques – abnormally back they’re proving to be awful able appropriate now.

1: Use Facebook Reside Videos

Facebook receives 8 billion video angle per day. What’s even added absorbing is users are watching reside videos three times added than recorded videos.

Influencers in every alcove are application Facebook Reside to appoint their audience, strengthen their cast and acknowledgment their followers’ questions.

And you already apperceive how abundant easier it is to actuate humans to yield activity if they’re affianced with you live. Artlessly accord them the URL to your clasp page area they can aces up something alarming for free, and they’ll assurance up – that’s absolutely all it takes.

Remember to abode your clasp page hotlink as a affianced animadversion on your video and video description, so they can admission it even if you’re not live.

Facebook Reside videos are adequate a advantageous amoebic ability appropriate now, too. Which is why now is the best time to use Facebook Reside to body your list, afore Facebook goes and changes something that makes it added difficult to ability people.

2: Bedfellow Posting with Upgrades

Writing an accustomed bedfellow column and relying on the columnist bio hotlink to forward you subscribers ability accept formed ten years ago, but now it’s a compound for ashen time and effort.

Instead of relying on the author’s box, activity a agreeable advancement from aural the commodity itself.

First, you’re traveling to address a absolutely top superior column that goes abysmal into your subject. If you anticipate you’ve run out of actionable insights, use this phrase, “For example… ” and again put in a abundant archetype or two.

Your ambition is to absolutely WOW your readers.

Next, anticipate of your bedfellow column as accepting the aboriginal chapter of a amazing alternation – array of like the pilot to a new television show.

You wish to not alone wow them, but aswell leave them absent even more. For example, if you’re watching a television appearance and it ends in a cliffhanger, what do you do?

You watch the next episode, of course.

Your column should be the aforementioned way. It’s got to accommodate a ton of achievement to the reader, yet it’s aswell got to leave them absent more. Again if you activity your agreeable upgrade, it’s alone accustomed that they yield it.

Here are some examples:

You address a bedfellow column on a cast new cartage method. You go into detail on how it works. Again you activity them a chargeless video assuming the adjustment in action.

You address a bedfellow column on how to address a book book in 30 days. Again you activity them a book outline and your best assets for accepting the job done.

You address a bedfellow column on how to body a deck. Again you activity them blueprints and diagrams to go forth with the footfall by footfall adjustment you just taught.

And on and on. No amount what your affair ability be, there is a agreeable advancement you can activity that is so accessible and important to extensive the goal, the clairvoyant doesn’t anticipate alert about avaricious it.

A acceptable agreeable advancement can admission your assurance up amount by 500-1000%. In fact, you should never, anytime bedfellow blog column after alms a arch agreeable advancement to go with your already absorbing and account acute post.

3: Host a Basic Summit

You’ve apparent basic summits and apparently even alternate in a few of them. Someone grabs 10 or 20 experts in a niche, chooses a deeply focused affair and interviews anniversary able on that topic.

The experts again get to angle a artefact at the end, or ask humans to accompany their account by alms an adorable advance magnet.

These summits ability endure for a few canicule or up to two weeks. Anniversary day one or two new interviews are added. Usually they’re video interviews, but you can still do audio back humans adulation podcasts.

Access to the interviews is alone accustomed for chargeless for a abbreviate time – about a few hours to a few days.

If attendees wish abiding admission to all interviews, forth with accounting transcripts and notes, they pay a fee such as $47 or $97.

As the host, you get to abridged a allocation of the money. And anniversary able you account gets to advance the acme to their lists and accomplish a allocation of that money as well.

But did you apperceive the capital acumen for hosting or accommodating in the acme isn’t for the money – it’s for the list?

Since the acme is answer by anniversary able to their lists, it’s potentially answer to a lot of people. For example, 20 experts anniversary announcement to a account of 25,000 humans would be 500,000 abeyant subscribers.

Naturally you will not get them all, but even if alone 10% opt in to watch the videos for free, you’ve got 50,000 new subscribers.

And of advance anniversary able picks up new subscribers or barter as well.

Make no aberration – analogous these events, accomplishing the interviews, ambience aggregate up technically – it’s challenging.

But it’s aswell account it. As the host, you airing abroad with some added money in your pocket, or at atomic your costs covered.

You accept an burning account of affianced people.

And you’ve affiliated with 10 to 20 experts in your field.

If your experts are announcement a product, you accept the advantage of negotiating a allotment of profits on those sales as well.

If you’re just starting in your field, you apparently will not get the top bank names to say yes to accommodating in your summit. But that’s okay, because you can artlessly go to tier-two experts with abate lists and plan with them instead.

And already you accept a acknowledged acme beneath your belt, you can again do added summits with more acclaimed experts.